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Candelore's Barking Beauties started small, but our commitment to excellence and our team's genuine love for dogs quickly earned us a loyal following. Word spread like wildfire throughout the town of Elizabeth, PA, where we opened our very first grooming salon, and soon, people from neighboring areas were bringing their furry companions to experience the Candelore's magic touch.

What set Candelore's apart from the beginning is our unique concept of no-appointment-needed grooming sessions. We understand the busy lives of pet owners and want to provide convenience without compromising quality. Dogs can walk in anytime, and our team works their magic, ensuring every pup left looking and feeling their best.

As the demand for Candelore's services grew, we realized it was time to expand. We opened our second location in a nearby neighborhood, and soon, more salons followed suit. Each new location carried the same warmth and dedication to pet care that had made the original salon a beloved community fixture.

The convenience of no-appointment grooming sessions, coupled with our commitment to providing top-notch care, attracted tens of thousands of customers who return regularly. From busy professionals to families with multiple pets, everyone finds solace in knowing they could rely on Candelore's Barking Beauties for all their grooming needs.

As Candelore's expanded across the greater Pittsburgh area, we continue to remain true to our roots. We handpicked a team of skilled groomers who share our passion for pets, ensuring that every location maintain the same high standards of care and service.

Today, Candelore's Barking Beauties boasts six thriving locations, each buzzing with the energy of happy dogs and satisfied customers. Our dream of creating a welcoming space where pets could receive the love and attention they deserve has not only come true but has flourished into a paw-some success story.

And so, the tale of Candelore's Barking Beauties became a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and a whole lot of wagging tails. In every salon, our love for dogs continues to shine bright, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of pet owners across the greater Pittsburgh area.

Now, the question is: where should our next location be??

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At Candelore's Barking Beauties, we want our salon to be your salon.
If you are not 100% satisfied with your visit,

please contact us within 48 hours and let us know.

We will make it right!

or email us at​


Dog boarding?  I can't give a higher recommendation to Candelore's Barking Beauties.  Last month, while I was on a cruise, I boarded my two dogs.  The first day of the cruise, I got an urgent message that one of my dogs was rushed to the vet.  He had twisted his stomach and they had to do emergency surgery.  He would have died.  Unable to reach me, the owner, Norm R Candelore Jr., put up the $3500 deposit for the surgery!  The manager who lives on site and her boyfriend had noticed my Max wasn't acting right when they checked the kennels before bed.  Without the late night visit and them recognizing Max's distress, he would have passed away.  My other dog Mimi who was rescued from an Amish puppy mill and lived 8-10 years in a cage was terrified.  One of the techs was going to sleep in the kennel with her because she was so distraught.  Instead, the on-site residents took her in to their home with their dogs.   I can't recommend this place enough. They saved my dog's life and comforted an abused dog who was scared. Their staff is wonderful.  I will never take my dogs to another kennel. -Sandee V.

I can’t recommend Barking Beauties enough! My pup was in and out

 quickly and they did an amazing job.

He smelled amazing and I was so happy with his groom.
-Madison A.

Peeping Dog

The only place I trust to

take care of my dog!

Staff is friendly. Prices are great.

And my dog always looks and

smells great when we come home.

-Kevin D.

The staff at Candelore's was

SO nice today that I won't ever

be taking my dog anywhere else!

 My dog has a collapsing trachea and they were able to groom him without putting anything around his neck.

He came out calm, gorgeous,

and had a big smile on his face!

You can tell these guys love animals

and that makes all the difference!

-Alyssa S.

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