Do I need an appointment?

Our Salons are No Appointment Needed.  However, for those in need of full grooming services or have multiple fur babies that need haircuts you can call or use our Online Scheduling App to book an appointment.  If you have a special situation or issues that we need to be made aware of, we will do everything we can to accommodate you.  Whatever works for you, works for us. Our Salon is Your Salon!


412-872-5550  - or - Click to Schedule Online  

412-896-3341  - or - Click to Schedule Online 


724-782-0828  - or - Click to Schedule Online

What Days And Hours are you open?

We are open Wednesday to Sunday 8 am to 6 pm (Closed on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Easter Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day and July 4th), No Appointment Needed.  We will accept your visit to our salon up to 5:30 pm.  If you need special arrangements, please call us we will come in earlier or stay later.  No Appointment Needed, visit Candelore's at your convenience.

How long does it normally take for services to be completed?

This varies.  For our basic Everyday Any Size Dog Bath normally 45 to 90 minutes, on weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) depending on how busy we are and your dogs personality it could take a few hours, we service all guests with the goal to get  them in and out within an acceptable time.  We are a No Appointment Salon.  If you have errands to run, please allow us to babysit for you.  We will make sure your fur babies are loved and cared for.  We will call you 15 minutes before completion of services so that you can make arrangements to pick up your clean and smelling great fur baby.

How long does it take for Full Grooming Services

(Haircuts and other requested services)?

This one is tough to estimate.  Please allow 3 hours minimum and sometimes longer depending on the size of the dog and the personality of the dog.  If you have an appointment for a haircut then we will be very close to 3 hours maximum.  If we are not real busy, it could be less than 3 hours, we can’t guarantee exactly how long it will take, please allow us a few hours.   What we can guarantee is that while your fur baby is visiting us, he or she will be taken care of and given a lot of love and attention.  If you have a family of two or more fur babies and they are all getting full grooming services, extra time will be needed to complete all of them to your satisfaction, which we 100% guarantee!  Please allow us the time we need and we promise you that you and your fur babies will enjoy their visit to Candelore’s Barking Beauties.

Do you use high heat dryers?

We do not.  We use approved low heat to NO heat blowers and this does take longer for the fur and hair to dry, but using these low heat blowers will not damage your fur babies beautiful fur.  Some fur babies have to be towel dried or dry naturally and this takes longer, so every situation is different.  No two fur babies are the same.

Do you muzzle your guests?

Very rarely.  We try to do everything we can to make your fur babies as comfortable as possible and in most cases with the help of additional salon assistants, we are successful without muzzles.  There are times when this is the only way, but it is always a last resort.  We appreciate it when you tell us in advance any situations that we should know about.  Again together we are going to be the best pet grooming salon possible.

What do you charge for the services you offer?

​We Charge $23 for our ANY SIZE DOG DAILY BATH SPECIAL (this includes a bath, dry, brush, nails and ears plus a lot of love!) this is our Bronze Bath Package.  We keep our prices low to encourage regular visits for a healthier and happier fur baby.  We also have a Silver Bath $30 and a Gold Bath $37.  You can get the details from our Groomers when you visit and see if you would like to add some additional services such as anal glands, teeth brushing, upgraded shampoos, etc.

Our full grooming services which includes one of the bath packages starts at just $35 and very seldom reaches $65.  We are the best value for your grooming services anywhere.  If you can find a better price, bring the receipt with you and we will price match it. We want to be your pet grooming salon - there is no reason for you to go anywhere else. 

DO YOU Have a recommended pet maintenance program?

We want to see your fur baby 4 to 6 times a year and more when possible, even if it is for just a bath and clean up.  Following our regular pet maintenance program will keep your pet healthy and happier longer.  During your visit we can help to find things that you might not even be thinking about like ticks, flies, lumps, ear infections, anal gland issues, teeth issues and skin and fur issues. 

So why choose Candelore’s Barking Beauties?


• Award Winning Groomers

• We Employee 15+ of the Area’s Best Workers

• Every Day Bath Special Only $23 any Size Dog (includes bath, blow dry, brush, nails and ears)
• Full Service Grooming – Prices start at $35
• For your convenience we are Open 8 am to 6 pm (Wednesday through Sunday)
• Free Parking – No Hassle – Easy In and Out
• Walk in Bathing Stall for Older and Bigger Dogs
• Locally Owned and Operated (3 Convenient Locations)
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 
• Love and Fun - No Charge
• And Most Important we Want “Our Salon to be Your Salon”