In January 2015 my Dad passed away and if you know “Mr C.” then you know the loss was very difficult for our family.  Like they say when one door closes another door opens, this is exactly what happened and here’s the story.

My daughter Kelsi Stanley Candelore and I were talking following my dad's celebration of life dinner. Kelsi was telling me about her job and how much she loves being a groomer.   As a concerned father, I ask about her job and her satisfaction level.  As we talk it becomes more apparent that she wants something more.  I suggest to her the idea of possibly opening a small salon.  We both were excited by the idea.  This was January 22, 2015.
The next day I called around to inquire about possible storefronts.  After looking at a couple of options, I landed on Central Plaza, where Joe the Barber had a successful location for more than 35 years.  I signed a 2-year lease having no idea what to expect.

Fortunately, I had the help of my cousin Vincent Candelore, who has since passed away, he put together what I think is the most magical business ever.   Vinnie built that first salon out and made things work.  I also enlisted the marketing help of my cousin Larry Mink, who has since passed away.  He worked with me on getting our message out.  We had three angels with us every day helping to guide our journey:  my dad and my cousins Vinnie and Larry.

On March 7, 2015, Kelsi and I opened up the Elizabeth salon with no idea on what to expect, if anyone would show up, we had no idea if we would even get 1 guest.  Fast forward four years and two additional locations later:  White Oak opened August 2017 and Finleyville opened July 2019.  We started with 0 customers and today I am proud to share that we now have more than 12,000 guests that visit us on a regular basis.  Our guests visit from near and far (Greensburg, Uniontown, New Kennsington, South Fayette, Erie, Cleveland ,North Carolina and even Kansas City).  

The communities where we do business have been the reason for our success.  We thank you and promise you that we will always do our best to make you and your fur babies happy and satisfied.

Kelsi and I welcome you to Candelore's Barking Beauties.


The Candelore's Barking Beauties STORY

By Norman R Candelore Jr.